"I'll never let my comrades die."
Neither those words nor the conviction behind them are lies!
It's not just you, Naruto...
We all hold those words and feelings in our hearts.
They're what bind our lives together...and make us comrades.

So, let's stand up together, Naruto-kun.
Because never going back on one's word...is my Ninja Way too.

the spoilers that killed ‘em all…



NaruHina & SasuSaku

i’m not afraid of him…


Naruhina *~~~~*


Even if I can't stand next to him.. I want to get to the point
where I can follow close behind Naruto-kun..


To celebrate my first Naruhina fanart I made this drawing, trying to improve a little bit more my usual standards, just because I’ll not make a lot of nh works in the future, but I was sorry for my nh followers who asked me to do something, so I wanted to present you something of pretty. :) I hope you like it, thank to all the amazing nh fans that follow my blog even if I’m a sasusaku artist :) I love you all, this is for you all, especially for annalovesfiction!!

@ reference used

by nassel


Even if I can’t stand next to him, I want to get to the point where I can follow close behind Naruto…